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b. A motivation or settlement, especially when sealed by a handshake; one's phrase: You may have my hand on that.

hand - position to the hands or custody of; "hand me the spoon, please"; "Transform the data files more than to me, please"; "He turned in excess of the prisoner to his attorneys"

systolic pressure , systolic blood pressure see blood p. Valsalva leak point pressure the amount of pressure to the bladder by a Valsalva maneuver at which leakage of urine takes place; a evaluate of strength of the urethral sphincters.

Implement pressure to your point below your knee. Use your finger, fingernail, or heel in the opposite foot to use business pressure. You may preserve pressure on it without any massage or you may rub up and down around the point. In any case, maintain pressure about the point for a number of minutes.[eight]

(American commonly purse) a little bag carried by Girls, for personal possessions. handsak حَقيبَة سَفَر дамска чанта bolsa kabelka die Handtasche håndtaske τσάνταbolso käekott کیف زنانه käsilaukku sac à major תִּיק יָד दस्ती थैला ženska torbica kézitáska tas tangan handtaska borsetta ハンドバッグ 핸드백 rankinukas rokassoma; rokassomiņa tas tangan handtas hånd-/dameveske torebka بخولي ، د لاس كڅوړه ، د لاس بكس bolsa poşetă дамская сумочка kabelka ročna torbica ženska tašna handväska กระเป๋าถือของผู้หญิง el çantası 手提包 жіноча сумочка چھوٹا زنانہ پرس یا تھیلا túi xách 手提包

really effortlessly. You are going to acquire hands down. fluit-fluit, loshande بِسُهولَه лесно com um pé nas costas hravě spielend uden at løfte en finger πανεύκολα, με δεμένα τα χέρια sin mover un dedo pingutamata به آسانی vaivatta haut la keyבקלות बड़ी आसानी से pobijediti s lakocom játszva mudah auðveldlega facilmente たやすく 매우 쉽게 be pastangų ļoti viegli; bez pūlēm dengan mudah met de handen op de rug, fluitend overlegent, kjempelett bez wysiłku په آسانی com uma perna às costas foarte uşor легко hravo ne da bi s prstom mignil lagano med lätthet อย่างง่ายดาย kolayca 容易地 без зусиль آسانی سے rất dễ dàng 容易地

wikiHow Contributor Avoid seeking out the side windows in automobiles, if at all possible get the passenger seat, it helps my movement sickness. You can even consider sipping little by little on drinking water and eating smaller bits of bland foods, like crackers. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful one Helpful 5

imagined to be involved in regulating the amount of extracellular fluid concentrations when the normal neurohumoral mediators are impaired; the increase in drinking water and sodium ion excretions which arise when blood pressure is elevated because of important link an increase within the circulating blood quantity.

near; current; Prepared for use etc. We always preserve some candles on hand in the event that there's a power failure. byderhand قَريب، جاهِز، في متناول اليد на разположение à mão při ruce zur Hand i nærheden; i reserve πρόχειρος, διαθέσιμοςa mano; de reserva käeulatuses آماده؛ نزدیک käsillä sous la majorמצוי, מוכן לשימוש उपयोग के लिए तैयार pri ruci kéznél dekat, sedia við höndina, til reiðu a disposizione 手元に 가까이에, 박두하여 po ranka pa rokai; tuvumā sedia untuk digunakan bij de hand; aanwezig; ter beschikking for hånden, parat, på lager pod ręką نږدی à mão la îndemână под рукой pri ruke pri roki pri ruci till hands, på lager มีอยู่ในครอบครอง el altında, hazır 現有,手頭上 під рукою تیار، قریب gần; sẵn có để dùng 现有,在手头

The “cure” for headaches and migraines is so simple as getting your Qi flowing easily through your body and your head. Then, presto! No more headaches or migraines.

9. acceptance or pledge of partnership, as in relationship: he requested for her hand; he gave me his hand about the merger.

The key to relieving the discomfort is to get the Qi flowing efficiently through your head. In Chinese Medicine, the remedy for headaches and migraines relies on figuring out what’s disrupting the stream of Qi after which balancing The full body so that the Qi flows easily once more.

= side → Seite file; on the right hand → auf der rechten Seite, rechts, rechter Hand; on my ideal hand → rechts von mir, zu meiner Rechten (geh); on just about every hand, on all hands → auf allen Seiten, ringsum(her); to the a single hand … on the other hand … → einerseits or auf der einen Seite …, andererseits or auf der anderen Seite …

osmotic pressure the pressure necessary to quit osmosis through a semipermeable membrane between a solution and pure solvent; it's proportional for the osmolality of the answer. Symbol π.

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